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10 Tips for Landing a Great Tattoo Apprenticeship (Maybe 11)

So you want to land a tattoo apprenticeship? Why wouldn’t you? Tattooing can provide a great income, plenty of free time (If you schedule it) and opportunity to travel. And at the end of the day, you only drew pictures. How bad can that be? Unfortunately, partially due to the perks I mentioned above, tattooing…read more

Tattoo Machines, Split Personalities, and Particle Physics

In Episode 136, Jake gave a bit of a rant that I wholeheartedly agree with. He mostly talked about the importance of growing your artistic skills away from your tattoo machine. He discussed the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone and experimenting in other areas, so that you can grow and evolve in your…read more

A Tattooer By Any Other Name

When I first met my friend John, he was still pretty green and had a shop in Tupelo. The first business card he handed me read, “Tattoos by Ginsu.” When I asked about the name, he said that his mentor had given it to him. The joke was that if it even remotely had an…read more