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A Tattooer By Any Other Name

When I first met my friend John, he was still pretty green and had a shop in Tupelo. The first business card he handed me read, “Tattoos by Ginsu.” When I asked about the name, he said that his mentor had given it to him. The joke was that if it even remotely had an…read more

Dan Marshall – Plein Air Watercolor Workshop

Dan Marshall | Fireside Tattoo Network

The course objective is to introduce, strengthen and gain confidence in your plein air painting in watercolor techniques. Learn how to absorb the feeling and interpret street scenes and natural landscapes. Focusing on composition, design, tone, timing and simplification, paint, and not simply “color in” your work. Dan will be working with each student one…read more

Tattooing Is Not Art…

Tattooing Is Not Art...

Tattooing is not art…at least it wasn’t always. When I first started tattooing 21 years ago, I quickly met some pretty decent tattooers. They managed to put solid tattoos in the skin and could troubleshoot their equipment. Notice that I use the word “tattooers” and not “tattoo artists”. It’s habit at this point but I…read more

End of Year in Ink

It was the airport in New Orleans, sometime during the summer of the year 2000. It would be over a year before September 11 would happen. I was late for my flight and had on short sleeves. I wasn’t running, but I was moving rather quickly and anxiously through the airport. Then I experienced something…read more