The Fireside Technique series is a great reference for answering a number of your technical tattoo questions. Jake shows you, through video, how to put his advice and tips into action.

Tattooing Realistic Fur | Fireside Technique | EP 25

Tattooing Realistic Fur | Fireside Technique | EP 25

Jake shows how to achieve realistic fur and textures by slowing down your hand and mind, but don’t let the tutorial stop there, eventhough we titled this episode “Tattooing Realistic Fur”, the episode covers much more than fur! Also, we would be honored if you would consider supporting Fireside on Patreon. Support from our Patrons…read more

Tattooing Is Not Art…

Tattooing Is Not Art...

Tattooing is not art…at least it wasn’t always. When I first started tattooing 21 years ago, I quickly met some pretty decent tattooers. They managed to put solid tattoos in the skin and could troubleshoot their equipment. Notice that I use the word “tattooers” and not “tattoo artists”. It’s habit at this point but I…read more