As professional tattooers, our job is to create unique, dynamic designs for our clients that will look beautiful for a lifetime. In order to be effective in creating these designs, we need a thorough understanding of 2 vital principles. Shape and value. These principles provide the structure from which all successful tattoos are created. They allow us to break complex compositions into manageable and reliable processes.

Fireside Foundations teaches the principles of shape and value through 4 video modules and 4 assignments. In Module 1, you will learn the 3 basic shapes that make up most everything we see in life and how each of these shapes react to light. In Module 2 we assemble these shapes to create recognizable imagery. Module 3 reverses the process by using photo reference to break common images into simple shapes. Finally, Module 4 illustrates practical tattoo applications using the lessons from the earlier modules.

Foundations is designed to be easy to complete within 7-10 days. However, we are consistently adding practical application modules and updated photo reference allowing you to repeat the course using more challenging reference as your skills improve.

Finally, we will soon be adding Foundations Challenges to the course. These challenges will be made up of images of existing tattoos/designs with intentional flaws included. Put your problems solving skills to the test by reworking these flawed tattoos and share your solutions with the Fireside Family in our Inside Fireside private facebook group. The best solutions will be promoted through our podcast and various social media outlets.

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